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Our Vision product is designed to offer a comprehensive monitoring solution for elderly care, ensuring that no detail is overlooked

We understand the challenges that facilities and caregivers face related to constantly monitoring the individuals under their supervision. With the rising caregiver shortage, we want individuals to utilize AITCare-Vision to offload on caregivers and provide comprehensive and continual care.



While caregivers can focus on maintaining the health and wellness of the individual, allow AITCare to keep track of health trends over time to determine if lifestyle or health changes need to be made. Together, we can provide the best care possible for elderly members. 

Vision Features

Comprehensive Functionalities to Ensure Constant Care

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Tracking Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Monitor daily activities to ensure routines are maintained and identify any irregularities. Be able to easily track changes in activity, sleep, accidents/falls, and cognitive health all in one place.

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Predictive Analysis

Utilize advanced analytics to predict potential health issues by tracking overall health. Be able to make immediate health or lifestyle changes to prevent an accident or fall from occurring.

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Weekly/Monthly Reports

View detailed reports to stay informed of one's health and activities. Allow family members, loved ones, and caregivers to view reports by adding them to the portal.

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High-Quality Analytics Dashboard

Obtain high-quality analytics and insights into the individual’s health and activities. Be able to make the necessary changes to improve or maintain both physical and cognitive health.

Identifying Sleep Habits

Keep track of sleep patterns to ensure restful and sufficient sleep, which is crucial for overall health. Understand what factors could be contributing to sleep disturbances.

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Fall Detection Alerts

Have immediate alerts sent to family members, caregivers, and facility managers to respond to falls or accidents. Feel assured in knowing that your health is always being monitored

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24/7 Comprehensive Care

Ensure no second of care is missed and be able to have a complete picture of one’s health and activities. Reduce the load on caregivers by providing detailed insights and analytics through an easy-to-use dashboard.

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Privacy and Security

Feel secure in knowing that it follows all HIPAA and government regulations, including CCPA compliance, ensuring that all data is secure and confidential

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Our Auris product leverages advanced audio technology to support cognitive health and provide assistance. Through listening to individuals and monitoring their daily habits, we utilize technology to determine abnormalities in activity levels, sleep patterns, and cognitive health

More than providing continuous and constant care and support, we also want individuals to use our analytics and data to possibly predict health concerns before they become serious or fatal. Utilize AITCare-Auris as an asset to your health and to aid in providing preventative care.

Auris Features

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Cognitive Health Monitoring

Continuously monitors and assesses cognitive health and potential decline through monitoring conversations, lifestyle, and activities.

Lifestyle Prediction

Predicts Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and lifestyle patterns. Determines changes from baseline quickly and effectively.

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Immediate Notifications

Provides immediate help when the individual calls out for assistance. Notifies family members immediately if the individual is calling out for them. 

Fall/Accident Detection

Detects falls and accidents based on sounds and alerts caregivers and family members. Ensures quick responses to alerts to provide assistance.

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Tracking General Health 

Monitors health indicators such as snoring and coughing to identify potential health concerns as soon as possible.

Privacy and Security

Feel secure in knowing that it follows all HIPAA and government regulations, ensuring that all data is secure and confidential.

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Our solutions are designed to provide comprehensive care while maintaining the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

For more information about our features, get in touch today.

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