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Revolutionary AI-Powered Solution: AITCare Enables Accidents Prevention and Memory Loss Prevention in Older Adults with Active Monitoring Predictions

Visual         |         Auditory         |          Verbal

The Three Cues to Providing Effective Elderly Care and Fostering Independence

The aging population is growing at an unprecedented rate, with millions of individuals now needing continuous care. This demographic shift is creating a significant strain on the healthcare system and increasing the demand for effective elderly care solutions. 


The market for elderly care is expanding rapidly, driven by the rising need for comprehensive support for aging individuals. However, there is a severe shortage of caregivers, compounded by a shrinking middle-aged population available to provide care. The cost of quality care continues to rise, making it inaccessible for many. This shortage not only impacts the well-being of the elderly but also places immense pressure on families and healthcare providers


Our Goals

Our approach is centered around three main cues: visual, auditory, and verbal, which are crucial for comprehensive elderly care.



AITCare prioritizes the visual monitoring of daily activities, cognitive health, and sleep to ensure safety and well-being. By using advanced technologies to track movements, detect falls, and monitor overall health, we aim to provide peace of mind to both the elderly and their families.

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Understanding the needs and concerns of the elderly is essential for providing personalized care. Our tools help in identifying changes in behavior and health conditions, ensuring timely interventions and support. By actively listening, we aim to create a responsive and supportive care environment.



Communication is vital for mental and emotional health. Our solutions focus on facilitating meaningful conversations, detecting changes in communication patterns, and predicting cognitive function. This helps maintain cognitive health and keeps the elderly engaged and connected with their loved ones.

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Through these cues, AITCare is committed to offering holistic and innovative solutions that promote independent living and enhance the overall quality of life for the elderly.

Vijai B, CEO@Ocean View 

AITCare is a great monitoring system to enhance our patients' care.   It's a very easy platform for our caregivers to use and the end result is providing the highest quality care.

Matt B, Founder@Wearme

Great product concept and hardware config with privacy in mind.

Mahesh N, MD@SeniorLiving

I must say AITCare is a very innovative product which will help monitor these critical issues with Seniors and provide valuable information and data to their families and Physicians .

Nait K, Agent@NewYorkLife

I appreciate the emphasis on fall prevention rather than solely detecting and reporting falls. It's great that AITCare give due importance to detection because timely intervention can and save countless lives.

Mick F, Ambassador@Aging2.0

There is no doubt that Intelligent computer vision will be crucial in automating at home care.  Edge processed ICV is inherently secure and private and will empower independence and self-care.

Media and Recognitions

Author: Leonard Lee 
Tech Industry & Strategy Advisor 

Bumped into a cool company in Eureka Park called AITensors that is developing an intresting #privacyfirst solution for elderly care monitoring.

image 31.png

AITCare @CES 2023

Another big topic in the health industry is elderly care. With the population aging, the industry is finding it hard to get enough caregiving to take 

Author: ABC Action


Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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