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Advanced Fall Protection
for Safe Senior Living

AITCare help senior communities with safer & full privacy applications (IoT) to monitor seniors' falls, unusual behaviors, and sleep quality.

Each year, more than 25% of Americans aged 65 and older experience falls.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults. AITCare offers privacy-focused AI solutions to prevent falls.



Low cost

Detailed instructions will be provided, easy installation and minimal charge for our CedgeAI

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Supports to Wi-Fi & 5G

Notifications will be sent to care giver using Wi-Fi in seconds time.


Software updates

AITCare updates AI software over air, and no manual work is required.

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Camera + EdgeAI = CedgeAI

Edge computing and data will resides in the device and notification only sent to care giver during fall or anomaly.

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Facility Managers & Caregivers Dashboard

- Manage caregivers and residents’ profiles
- Camera status verification
- Analytics for caretakers, including fall history tracking

- Sleep quality analysis
- Easy push firmware updates


Receive Fall Notifications

Receive fall notifications via email and SMS and view secure details of each fall incident

AITCare Detects single & multiple persons

AITCare's AI smart model monitors elder's health conditions, predicts & warns about unusual behaviors.




Seconds Response Time


Tech Support


Seconds Fall/Anomaly Video stream

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Comparison with other products in the market

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News & Reviews

Author: Leonard Lee 
Tech Industry & Strategy Advisor 

Bumped into a cool company in Eureka Park called AITensors that is developing an intresting #privacyfirst solution for elderly care monitoring.

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AITCare At CES 2023

Another big topic in the health industry is elderly care. With the population aging, the industry is finding it hard to get enough caregiving to take 

Author: ABC Action

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